Wednesday, 15 August 2012

While My Meringue Gently Weeps!

bruleeChris came to lunch. I made lavender crème brulee for dessert. I copied Jamie’s idea [here]and infused lavender buds – but used another BBC recipe for the actual cream [as it used the quantities I had to hand] That’s here

The photo above is of Jamie’s pudding. I wasn’t sure my dishes would cope under the grill, so poured over some of Delia’s Caramel. Sadly –despite following her instructions, it came out frightfully chewy and a severe risk to our dental fillings. I think Chris is still speaking to me [she was unable to do so whilst eating it!!

But all the recipes leave you with egg whites leftover. So I decided to make some meringues. [love food, hate waste etc] I checked, and St Delia’s oven matched that of the brulees. Good! I thought, use up the egg whites and save in fuel by cooking both dishes together.

 BUT be warned, friends. You cannot make a crispy dry meringue in an oven alongside something cooking in a bain marie [I should have known that] The meringues steam gently into chewy pillows, oozing a sweet amber stickiness.

DSCF4428Tonight I sandwiched them with the remaining cream [into which I had chopped the last kiwi fruit in the fridge] Bob declared them to be possessed of ‘an interesting texture’!!

I’ll know next time


  1. I quite like chewy meringues myself!

    Pomona x

  2. You had positive intentions!

  3. Didn't see you in the Great Bake Off new series! Kiwi meringues worthy of hidden delights!

  4. My husband loves Brulee. I'm determined to learn how to make it. The meringues look delightful, however interesting they may taste!

  5. "Oozing a sweet amber stickiness" - wonderful phrase! I like chewy meringues too.

  6. I wish I had not seen your meringues, I'd love to eat one just now.


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