Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bon Voyage, Elizabeth!


Just to ask for your prayers for my friend Elizabeth as she returns to India today, back to her job teaching at the Hebron Missionary School [she’s head of IT] It has been lovely having her home in the village for a few weeks.

I know her family have really enjoyed it – and we’ve appreciated her contribution to the Worship Group. She’s a great flautist. Here she is on Sunday chatting with Andy [yes, Vivienne – that’s C’s son!]

Update – please read Elizabeth’s comments below!


  1. You'll be sad to see her leave, but I'm sure she will feel supported by prayers.

  2. Thanks Angela. I've made it as far as Dubai, just waiting for my second flight now. I've really enjoyed being back in Kirby and having the chance to join in with my flute.

  3. Safe travels for Elizabeth and bless her as she returns to India to love and serve!

  4. Just to update you, I am now safely back in Ooty after 24 hours of travelling. Staff retreat starts in the morning, so please pray I'm not too jet lagged!


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