Friday, 3 August 2012

OYM Day 5–Sticking To The Team

Quite exhausted after a really busy day – final session of On Your Marks, then clearing up, then fish’n’chip lunch together. Odd jobs at home in the afternoon, and then over to another church to collect some chairs and crockery [more on that later] And now we are both unspeakably tired. A few pictures…


Shaun’s great Hama Bead Extravaganza plus The Great British Bloghop came together to make a Union Jack [much frustration when we realised that we got the wider white stripes wrong – because you turn the mat over after ironing!]

Today’s crafts were coin purses and silver laurel wreaths


Matthew was our Tech Guy all week!


Amazing what you can do with old drinks cartons!



We bounced around a lot and had fun singing together


The new stage lighting made a significant difference, particularly to the drama group [aka the Task Force- our brilliant team of teenage helpers]

And then it was all over, and the crafts were taken home, the displays put into the chapel, and other things put away till next summer.

Lots of tee shirts have been washed – and I am starting to think about holiday packing at last! Roll on Monday and Cornerstones…


  1. Have a wonderful break at Cornerstones - you both deserve it. x

  2. I remember the end of Holiday Club last year. I'm so glad you are taking a break. You'll sleep well!

  3. Thanks friends- we certainly intend to Rest, Read and Recuperate [so we are Ready and Recharged for the autumn]

    We really appreciate the support and prayers and encouragement of our blogfriends during Holiday Club!

  4. Enjoy your rest - your holiday club seems to have gone well.

  5. Excellent club. I am not sure of the protocol but I have linked to this on my blog here
    If you are not happy , please let me know and I will remove no problem. Many thanks.


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