Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Text This Morning

new LG phoneI was having a conversation-by-text with my friend Elisabeth recently. With all our free texts, it is a good way to communicate. Except I use ‘predictive text’ and I’d been typing so fast-and-furious that I hadn’t proofread properly. We’d been talking about the success of summer plans, including Holiday Bible Club. “Glad the Ink Club went well!” she’d replied. I realised that when you type  H O L, the phone gives you I N K.

I have been caught out like this before. Years ago I sent Bob a text saying “Going to be late home. No time to cook before ch mtg. When you are in town, please pick up ready neck for tea” He spent a while staring at his phone and concluded N E C K should have been  M E A L.

My phone gives me LIPS when I type KISS, and JAZZ if I’m feeling LAZY. FIG becomes EGG – and ABLE is displayed as CAKE. And I don’t have a PET – I have a REV [which is true in my case!]

But there are two which frequently make me smile. “I will soon be HOME” becomes “I will soon be GOOD” – I always feel good when I get home. The other one is a challenge to me when I am feeling discouraged about my life and witness, and it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

“I should be RESTING” comes out as “I should be SERVING”


On the subject of serving, here’s our friend Paul being interviewed in church by Bob. Not only does he serve as a brilliant Church Secretary, he has also recently been part of the great team of Olympic Volunteers.

Thank you Paul – for all you do in our fellowship – and for what you did down in London too.

But now you are HOME again, and that is GOOD!!


  1. I just caught your post on Pomona's sidebar and had to leave a comment...

    way back, I was later than anticipated trying on clothes in TK Maxx (I think its TJ Maxx in US?)so texted my husband "in TKM L8, b bck asap x" and arrived home to find him a tad worried about my delay.
    "But I texted you to say I'd be late" I said
    "no you didn't" he replied- "I got a message from your phone but it was just a jumble of letters, not a text..."

  2. I cant even begin to understand predictive text, and have to stick to the old traditional way.

  3. Oh dear, glad I don't a phone...I'd get myself into trouble,for sure the way I transpose things (without even trying).
    Jane x

  4. I don't do text speak at all. I have a phone with a keypad and occasionally it throws up a word but it's not often I miss it. I'm probably a little old fashioned but I do like things written out in full if it's going somewhere. It is to me easier with the keyboard to do it in full, than think about what the abbreviation should be.

  5. I cannot stand predictive text, and never use it! I found it incredibly frustrating and disabled it on my character at a time is quite slow, but at least the text says what I want it to say :-)

  6. Funny! My fingers are too fat for my current keypad. It takes me forever to say all that I want to say.

  7. "Lips" to "Kiss" is really pretty good when you come to think of it....


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