Saturday, 4 August 2012

What A Discovery!


I have a huge box of regular C6 size envelopes, bought in a sale, way back when. I got them out this evening because I needed them for some home-made cards. And discovered this sheet of Christmas stamps, folded neatly between two envelopes. I promptly used two, [which will confuse the recipients to get Santa in August]

This is the 2004 Raymond Briggs design – so they are 7½ years old – but still valid, because they say “2nd Class” – and this sheet is now worth £12, since the post went up! Treasure Trove indeed.

But where did they come from in the first place? Each year I make a point of buying the religious stamps and not the secular ones – so it seems unlikely that I purchased these.


I shall take them to Cornerstones with my new notelets!

Today has been a very long day and I am still nowhere near cleared up after Holiday Club, and I have not done any packing for the holiday either. The kitchen floor is spotless, but I’m still finding Hama beads on the lounge carpet!


  1. We have a festival called Christmas in July why not August too!
    Jane x

  2. So many loooooooong days, Ang!
    Raymond Briggs artwork? NICE!


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