Tuesday, 21 August 2012

From Belfast To Boxes

We will be flying back from our stay with Mags today – and then the business of sorting stuff and re-filling the Manse loft will begin in earnest. While we were at Cornerstones, David did a fabulous job of insulating and putting down boarding [thanks again]. I can recommend the Plastic Box Shop as a great source of storage boxes. For price and quality and consistency, they are extremely good value.


Lots of other jobs to get done before the weekend – so I may not be as disciplined as usual about blogging. I set up all these recent posts in advance and I know I will have lots of photos of the Irish Extravaganza to sort out sometime.


Here is the bathroom – full to the ceiling with loft stuff. The phone rang on Friday morning as I was getting ready for the wedding.

“Mrs Almond?”


“Can I ask, do you have trouble getting in and out of your bath?”

“Well, no, I’m only in my fifties…”

“Oh, I am so sorry, I should not have rung you then. I will call back in 15 years time”

Bob said that the correct response should have been

“I haven’t been able to get into my bath for the past month!!”


  1. I am a new convert to your blog - I find it amusing and uplifting - thank you. Just one question - you often mention Cornerstones - what/where is it?

    1. Hi Nicky- Cornerstones is the name of our little bungalow in Norfolk. This post explains how it came to be...
      ...God has blessed us, may he bless you too

  2. 15 years time! You are now on a list, but what happens if you find a problem before that?

  3. We are about to begin renovating...thanks for the bathroom idea!!!
    Jane x

  4. Looks a bit like our garage, which I need to get into and sort.

  5. Your bathroom looks like our attic! Maybe I'll be able to get out of it in fifteen years.

    Can't wait to hear about your visit with Mags!


  6. Your post made me laugh. We're 'camping' in the spare room at the moment because we're slowly decorating our bedroom. Each time I wake up I'm confronted by a huge stack of boxes, dismantled furniture & a rack of clothes- all our bedroom belongings...thankfully it hasn't reached the bathroom yet!


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