Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Great British Bloghop

british bloghop

Nicola said

I have had so much fun these past few days joining in with a quilting blog hop that I thought I would have a go in a papercrafting one

I thought a great theme at the moment would be "Something British" … So if you fancy making a piece of artwork of anything your imagination conjures up when you think of Great Britain then please join me… You don't have to be British to take part, this hop is open to anyone anywhere in the world and you can make any type of artwork from a card, ATC, scrapbook page, art journal - whatever you fancy.

I recently found this mini catalogue in my desk drawer


I was given it at PLASA 2010 – it was fairly small, and every page was thinnish card – and only printed on one side – so I decided it would make a neat little notebook for my handbag. I found a half-used sheet of printer labels and some scraps of self adhesive holographic paper. I measured the rectangle, subtracted 3cm from each dimension and cut a paper rectangle. This I cut into 8 triangles to check it would fit. With my holographic paper, I cut out the triangles in blue, and 7mm strips in red. I put labels on the front and back covers, and pencilled in some guidelines.

Finally, I stuck it all down – and there’s my British Notebook!

british bloghop notebook

So I have re-purposed the catalogue, decorated it with scraps and it is another celebration of this very British Summer. Rule Britannia!DSCF4238

What have my friends been creating?


  1. Oooh its great - very sparkly! Thank you so much for taking part.

  2. I must finish the quilt I'm working on so I can include that in your blog hop - Love Froogs xxx

  3. woo hoo a holographic union jack - marvelous,

    I am so very impressed by reused items (upgraded??) and yours is a Beautifully British example,

    see you around the blog hop,


  4. Certainly very British xxx

  5. You know you'll have to be a wee bit careful with this when next you venture to the frozen North!!

  6. Love a bit of recycling and with a British theme it wins hands down!

  7. What a fab idea, to upcycle a catalogue! Well done you!

  8. Thats a fab notebook, loving the glittery UJ What a great way to upcycle, thanks for sharing x

  9. Love the glitz and glam vibe you have added to this! And massive thumbs up on the recycling :)
    x x x

  10. Brilliant upcycling, and so much better than landfill.

  11. Brilliant idea to recycle the catalogue

  12. Looks very sparkly and fitting for this Olympic season. Always nice to see repurposing and using scraps - a project after my own heart :)

    Congratulations on the Holiday Club too - looks like hard work but good fun.

  13. This is FABULOUS!! I love that you repurposed everything and came out with something useful AND cute!!!

    It was fun hopping along with you!

    Amy E.


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