Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Following His TV Appearance…


…our Intrepid Hero clutched the hand of his wife and strode boldly out into the chilly Atlantic Ocean…


Within minutes of this shot, he was swimming around happily - and I was dashing back on the beach, to wrap myself in a towel, declaring that I could no longer feel my frozen feet! [Please note, for once I am Properly Dressed in my best blue swimming cossie!]

Thank you Mags for the photographs!


  1. You are much braver than I am..if the temperature of the water isn't at bath temperature I'm not going in.
    Jane x

  2. Boys were back in at same spot yesterday. I lay on thick blanket on the beach and.... watched a hugely ominous rain cloud approach!!

  3. Great photo! Looks like a fun, if freezing, experience.

  4. I agree, you are much tougher than I am. Lovely photo!


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