Friday, 10 August 2012

Up To Scratch

DSCF4375Thursday was brilliant – we went to Perfect Pork for some lovely bacon, then on to Fakenham for the market You remember the wedding present glass dish which I smashed two weeks ago? Well, thank you, Hospice Shop I have replaced it with an identical one [£1.50] also got some tea towels.More on them later


The Vagabonds Jazz Band were playing in the Market

After coffee in the Parish Church, we went on to Heacham for our picnic. The sun was hot.


I had foolishly left my cossie behind, but looking at the skimpy garments others were wearing,I decided my undies were quite respectable. Tied my scarf as a sarong and went into the water. The beach slopes very slowly – you can walk miles before the water gets to your knees. But it is quite slimy and slippy underfoot at first, which is why my arms are stretched out to help my balance.

After an ice cream at the kiosk in the car park, we journeyed on to Hunstanton. Very pleasant sunny atmosphere- lots of holiday makers, more street musicians


I was very taken with these little beach hut fairy lights which I saw in a number of shops.


Then along the coast road to Burnham Deepdale, stopping to browse round Dalegate Market and especially the Hare and Hen Gallery


Finally we arrived in Wells, where we met up with Adrian and Marion, enjoyed a fish’n’chip supper and then walked out to the beach eating icecreams. A Proper Norfolk Family Holiday

All very satisfactory apart from two things –

firstly, we appear to have left our picnic blanket on the bench by the icecream kiosk.Never mind – it was a freebie from Sainsburys years ago. Someone else can benefit from it now [the strap is embroidered ‘Cornerstones’]

and second, every insect in Norfolk was at the pingos on Wednesday and made a real meal of my back , neck and arms. The pharmacist in Fakenham Boots supplied cream and antihistamine tablets, but I have been itching all day and my back looks like a dot-to-dot puzzle.


  1. sorry to hear about the downside to your lovely time - I like your sarong!
    Insects seem to like me too and I've found germoline to be the best because of it's anaesthetic quality. We never go out walking without some - wonderful for nettle stings.

  2. We use Isopropyl Alcohol on mozzie bites. It is dirt cheap and takes away the itchiness of the bites while cleaning them at the same time.
    Jane x

  3. I really love that there's a shop called "Perfect Pork." It must be filled to the rafters with bacon, the most perfect pork of all.

    Love the sarong!


    1. You see, Frances, this is a land where the sausages roam free!

  4. Oh dear. I feel instantly responsible for the cossie. Also for the picnic rug. I think I have issues. Do you think we can get Jane's magic potion in UK? Must investigate...

  5. Isopropyl alcohol is readily available. We have a large bottle - but back in Leicestershire!


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