Monday, 29 October 2012

A Stitch In Time

NorfolkQuilters-logoOn Friday afternoon, we went to the Norfolk Quilters’ Exhibition at the Assembly Rooms in Norwich. It was free – and it was fabulous. Here are the photos I took – there was not time to take pictures of every single quilt. Bob and I were very impressed by the diverse styles, made by groups and individuals, amateurs and pros…

quilt exhibition

Tumbling Blocks, Cathedral Window, Reverse Applique, Dresden Plate, Courthouse Steps, Crazy Quilting, Jelly Roll, Redwork, you name it – it was there!

There was one odd moment – I couldn't see Bob, and was peering around anxiously. The lady at the entrance table said “Can I help you?” and I said “I am looking for my husband” and she said “If you mean the one with grey hair, he just went up the corridor” 

Why was this odd? because we had been there over 45 minutes and Bob was the only man in the Exhibition! I could have understood if there had been other men present [with brown, black, or ginger hair]

DSCF4831I was particularly taken with the redwork quilt. I have a box of skeins of redwork thread in The Great Stash.  One of these days I may get round to trying out this sort of monochromatic stitchery…

If I ever have a spare moment!


  1. I'm sewing, quilting and crafting all week to make gifts. I have enough fabric and thread and I could do better if I had more time xx thanks for the photos

  2. What a great husband you have - The only man there (the one with grey hair, of course!)
    Be sure to enter my GIVE-A-WAY!

  3. I've not seen redwork before. I think it looks kinda christmassy.
    x x

  4. Oh, wow - stunning :) Quilting is one of those things I've wanted to try; now I've got started on knitting, I guess it's moved up the list! (I finished my scarf, by the way - and I've made a belt too!)

  5. You do not have very many spare moments, Angela! How nice that Bob was happy to stay at the quilt show for 45 minutes! He deserves cake!

  6. You have one great husband there then! The ONLY one! Those quilts are truly inspirational!

  7. That's interesting. Now, note to myself, must post your book shortly!

  8. Wonderful quilts! I love redwork, too, and saw a redwork quilt at a recent show here. Made me want to try it for myself, though I don't know when I'll ever get around to it.


  9. A friend told me quilting was pure maths..?.. I replied. Measuring, repeating patterns etc. I've never forgotten her or the comment.

  10. Thanks for all the comments - I am sure you would all have loved the stunning stitcheries on display - and I know many of you are equally creative.
    There's never enough time to try all these crafts though...

  11. Quilt shows are so inspiring - they make me want to rush home and get out the rotary cutter. Gorgeous photos! I like redwork too but have never tried it.

  12. Spare moment- when did a seeming lack of a spare moment ever stop you, fabulous woman?! I see a Giants' Causeway quilt in there...


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