Monday, 15 October 2012

Froogs’ Fabulous Faggots

Following the excellent recipe here, I have made some faggots. They have proved to be utterly delicious [which is useful, because 5 boxes have gone into the freezer to be enjoyed later] Here they are


The liver and meat were’ yellow-stickered’ bargains [and had been in the freezer since the beginning of September] so these cost about 45p for a meal for TWO! Served with carrots and potatoes, a very cheap, but filling and nutritious meal.

I hadn’t made faggots from scratch before, but with Frugal Queen’s easy to follow instructions and the help of a food processor, it all worked really well. Thanks Froogs!


Hints and tips

Bob suggested that next time round, I might add a little nutmeg for an extra bit of flavour.

I’d unexpectedly run out of gravy granules- but improvising with with OXO cube, cornflour and a tsp of Marmite worked fine.

Keeping the recipe sheet in the toast rack on the windowsill means it is easy to read, and stays clean**

**Except that I decided to rinse out the few bits of onion and celery in the processor with some of the water I intended to use for the gravy. It is essential to ensure that the lid is fitted correctly before switching on a processor containing liquids. Otherwise there is much squealing and wiping of splashes!


  1. I like FQ's recipes to, they always turn out well even with my awful cooking skills :)
    Where do you get your foil trays from Ang? I used to get them in Wilkensons but they don't sell them anymore :(
    x x

  2. I have to admit that someone gave me a catering pack of 100 quite a few years ago and I have worked through them [washing and re-using] and I am down to the last dozen now.
    Have you tried your local poundshop?

    blessings x

  3. Love the idea of the recipe in the toast rack, now why didn't I think of that?
    Found you via Thriftwood, in case you are wondering? And as you are in Leicester wonder if you know Reverend Eastman, who I first met in the 70s... can't believe it's that long ago!

    1. Hi Maggie - dont know Rev E - but I only got here in 1995! But I love Norfolk, as you will appreciate. Your blog has some great pictures!

  4. Looks quite marvelous--a perfect fall dinner!


  5. They look delicious Angela. I haven't had any of those for ages (bought ones though) must have a go at making some. Those foil trays are great for freezing things in, I re use them too.

  6. Oh dear, liver. The last time I touched liver was when we had to cut out the tubes in a first form HE class. I think I'm still recovering...


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