Monday, 8 October 2012


Yellowism is not about art, it is about yellow – so says Vladimir Umanets, founder of a movement he calls "Yellowism” Yesterday this gentleman defaced a piece of art in the Tate Gallery – “Maroon on Black” by Mark Rothko [below, before and after]
rothko black onmaroonrothko defaced
I am not that fond of modern art- but I think such behaviour is wrong. Here’s some more stuff about yellowism [from Umanet’s website]illustrated with pictures of our evening meal
All manifestations of yellowism are about yellow, are identical in content and differ only in terms of form. Pieces of yellowism are cause of expansion of yellowism and are not the result of the creative process and evolution. [sachet of Tesco savoury rice, plus can of sweetcorn, and some chopped chicken slices]
Examples of Yellowism can look like works of art, but are not works of art. We believe that the context for works of art is already art. The context for Yellowism is nothing but Yellowism. Pieces of Yellowism are only about yellow and nothing more. [home made sultana sponge pudding, cooked in microwave, so rather anaemic in colour]
All manifestations of Yellowism have the same sense and meaning and express exactly the same. In Yellowism, all the possible interpretations are reduced to one - are equalized, flattened to yellow. Interpreting Yellowism as art and being about something other than just yellow deprives Yellowism of its only purpose. In Yellowism you don't have freedom of interpretation, everything is about Yellowism, that's it [jug of Tesco instant custard]
Our meal this evening was completely from scratch, using stuff from the cupboard. Last night just before church Bob announced “I need to cut the grass tomorrow.At Cornerstones” So I put a few bits and pieces in a bag [eggs,bacon,bread, milk, marg, fruit and spare knickers] we arrived 10.20pm and here we are till tomorrow morning! It is utter bliss!
But it has meant some rather innovative meals. Tonight’s food, as you can see was all yellow does that make it an art installation?
We do not have a Rothko here- but we do have a Patrick Heron print from the Tate which is very similar in style. Bob likes modern art – but I refer to this one as “That stripe thing” or “the one that may be hanging upside-down, how can you tell?”
I have no idea what Umanets is on about. But I do like custard!


  1. I much prefer your version of yellowism to his - much more sustaining!

    Pomona x

  2. Hmmm! My friend Ellie used to point out that our hall of residence did colour-themed nights. The yellow was much to be feared - curry. But the brown was quite nice. White was depressing. I think your yellow looks much better!

    We went to a science day on Saturday - you'd have loved it! I've managed to put a few photos on my blog.

  3. Publicity at any cost? Now where's the custard? xo

  4. You need to change the title of this blog to Speechless Food. Or do as Dormouse does and have a second blog for speechless food. Then I could go on reading TR without fear of a family revolt over what goes into their lunchbags or find myself screaming at the computer screen like the middle-aged iijit I am over! Our potatoes had a yellowish tinge tonight and the left-over crumble likewise. And there's a yellow ink cartridge in front of me that I could, I suppose, splash over Cyrano in the living room but you know who is coming tomorrow, so best not...

  5. I do believe I am speechless.
    Jane x

  6. Wow, that's a lot of yellow!

    I'm very sad about the Rothko. He is a painter I like very much, though I couldn't tell you why precisely ... just something about the way his paintings make me feel.

    I look terrible in yellow. Just terrible.


  7. Yes, I prefer your picture the other way up. Fortunately a laptop is easier to turn, than me trying to stand on my head!

  8. I thought the yellow fellow was a little - offcolour?

    Looking at that picture, it feels right the way up it is, although it is hard to tell what it would be like the other way up.

  9. Oh, and I also wanted to say, Lynn destashed your destashing in my direction and I now have three wonderful tins stuffed full of ribbon, lace, threads and buttons along with some other woollen tapestry threads which I will put to good use, so thank you! :D Lots of fun things to play with.


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