Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cutting Remarks

robryan my home2I have mentioned Rob Ryan before on this blog – his papercuts are quite stunning. As well as greetings cards and ceramics, his website lists many other items using his wonderful designs. Clothkits, popular in the eighties, and recently revived, sells garments featuring his work too [here]

But now I have found another paper-cutter worthy of a mention. Thank you Ms Thrifty for pointing me to her!

Su Blackwell has an astounding gift for cutting up old books to make paper sculptures. Check out her website here and look at the many fabulous pieces of artwork. Girl in the wood…

…and Hope…

su blackwell hope

The sculptures are expensive [not surprising, given the hours of thought, planning and work which goes into each exquisite creation] but she does sell greeting cards on her website.

I confess that the idea of cutting up a book does not come easy to me. But I treasure a beautiful Altered Book which Steph made us for our Silver Wedding. Maybe that will get photographed for another blogpost sometime!


  1. Wow those paper sculptures are fabulous arent they - I have a few pinned on pinterest too - wonderful, wish I had the patience to make them! Thanks for commenting on my blog - the crochet flowers I am making are from a book 100 flowers to knit and crochet however I have only just taught myself to crochet and can only follow the instructions for three crocheted ones - there are some on google if you look too - hope this helps! I can always write you out the instructions for a basic flower if you want (the one I taught myself with) - I am not really sure if I follow the pattern correctly but they do look ok when finished!

  2. Dear SG thanks for your kind offer - I shall google a little more till I find one I can manage. My chief problem is the confusion between US and UK instructions!

  3. Those are wonderful! I love the first one with the trees and the lady sweeping. Just beautiful!

  4. Altered book this weekend, please!

  5. Do you know Claire of Sweet Birdy Love? She recently visited NYC and saw some of Rob Ryan's work there.

    I just came from Mrs. TH's post on this - it does look a fun craft.

    1. Thanks for pointing me to Claire's blog! Some lovely stuff there x


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