Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ringing The Changes

So, in a follow up to Tuesday’s post about bells and change ringing, I have had a comment from my dear friend and follower, Lynn P. Lynn, another minister’s wife I have known for years, does not blog, but is an extremely competent knitter and Ravelry aficionado. She also appreciates my love of mathematical curiosities – and has directed me to this website - How to convert the mathematical patterns of change ringing into knitting patterns.

changeringingknitting Asher

The lady on the right, Asher Kaboth, is responsible for this amazing scarf, based on the bell ringing pattern “Cambridge Major”

You can find the pattern and full explanation here.What a great gift to make for a bell-ringing friend!

It was Lynn who pointed me to Cat Bordhi this time last year.

It was using Cat’s tutorial on YouTube that enabled me to knit Steph a Moebius Strip scarf for her birthday in October 2011. There’s a whole website, Woolly Thoughts, dedicated to developing mathematics through knitting and crochet.

In view of the very sad news this week that only 20% of A level physics students are female, I am beginning to feel that we should have a website for developing physics through knitting. [There was a Knitting Physicist but she appears to have stopped blogging]

But thank you Lynn for this fun bit of information!


  1. Oh my! Uncle John would LOVE that scarf but I don't think I can do that pattern and definitely not in time for this Christmas - perhaps learning that will have to be my challenge for 2013! Thank you for sharing though - I am inspired xx

  2. The intricacies of cable stitches have always put me off attempting it, although I did inherit a set of cable needles from my MIL which languish unused in the knitting bag.
    At least a scarf is a long strip and has no shaping at the sides to worry about. I loathe those patterns which say "begin decreasing for neck and armholes AT THE SAME TIME keeping stitch pattern correct" It is like simultaneously trying to pat your head and rub your tummy!

  3. The only pattern I would be able to follow is one based on the tinging of a triangle.
    Jane x

  4. I'd like to be able to comment in this comment, but I have no appropriate comment!

  5. If I remember correctly there is a ringing pattern called Treble Bob Major. Perhaps you could use it to knit a scarf for a certain person.... :)

  6. Wasn't me who suggested Cat Bordhi, I think you'd already found her... You were already knitting your Moebius at Connexion and I tried to make a crochet one (which, by the way, I did manage once I got home). Just got my booking form for next year, I shall suggest a knitting session again :-)

    Also, having used what I needed from the little treasure tins, I've passed the rest on to Carolyn (Mess Muddle and Fun) for her amazing craft stuff, so I'm de-stashing your de-stashing!

    Lynn P

    1. Then whoever was it who told me about Cat- I was SO sure it was you! Looking forward to seeing you next October if not before.


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