Friday, 19 October 2012

Sew And Snow

Wednesday’s Sewing Club was good fun – especially when a new person arrived. She clutching the free ‘Local’ paper which went out last week, and my article about the club was in it. It pays to advertise! Julie brought photos of the cushion cover she’d been making for a wedding present. I only have a picture I took 2 weeks ago of the central panel. But it is lovely! The happy couple were thrilled with it apparently.


Some of us worked on Christmas decorations last night – using little felt snowflakes [I bought a load some years ago for a kid’s project]


We just sewed beads and buttons and ribbons on. Here’s mine [sadly the pretty blue beads look white on the photograph]DSCF4758

For another idea about refurbishing £shop coasters, pop over to fishcake’s blog [here] I love the way that over the next few months, blogs will be fully of tips and ideas for crafty gifts and decorations.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me Angela :)

  2. What pretty snowflakes! And what a lovely cushion cover - we treasure a sampler that was made for us as a wedding gift, it represents so much time and love :)

  3. Love that sampler! The snowflakes are so pretty. :-)

  4. Your snowflakes are so pretty, nice sampler.

  5. Are you doing Top Tips this year??? Oh do, oh do!

  6. Oh, I so need to get back to my cross stitch. Thanks for the impetus, Angela. Have a great week!


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