Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nigel Slater Is OK, But…

…having watched his recent programmes, I think Bob is just as good at putting meals together with the ingredients he finds in the kitchen! He made some pasta, and a lovely rich ragu to go with it



He took the leftover chicken and not only produced pies [without the dreaded Soggy Bottom!]

But also produced an almost instant ‘risotto’ using more cooked chicken and leftover veg


It was rich and creamy and flavourful – but instead of risotto rice, he used some Risini Pasta from Lidl, which cooks in 6 minutes! And he made some bread with regular strong white bread flour, and the addition of a little malt flour which added great colour and flavour


  1. I wish he had the time to cook like this more often, and not just when we are away on holiday – I feel very blessed to be on the receiving end of these delicious meals. Thanks Bob!


  1. Oh wow! I married the wrong man!

    1. I am sure you didn't! 53 years as a Pastor's wife suggests you are very much married to the Right Man for you.

  2. Hi Angela

    The best meals are often cobbled together when using what you have available. Excuse the pun but should we be calling him Pasta Bob from now on? Sorry could not resist and the food looks delicious. Take care and enjoy your break



  3. Yum - I love fresh pasta, can't wait till I'm cooking again! :) The 'risotto' looks great, too - I'm a big fan of risottos for using up odds and ends. The risini is fab cooked in stock with peas and with slivers of bacon cooked crispy, by the way!

  4. "Nigel Slater is OK But"
    Nigel Slater only OK? You're speaking of someone who is a best selling author, who has his own television series!
    So when are Bob's books being published? You must let us know when his television series of cookery programmes starts too.

    1. I am not denying NS has done great things on TV and written fab books - and those of my family who have had personal contact say he is a really kind bloke. But from MY point of view, I would prefer to have Bob in the kitchen, thank you!

  5. Yup! Bob is a great cook (even vegan food!!)
    Jane x

  6. I'd hold onto that man if I were you.

    Beautiful pasta!


    P.S. I think Bob is cuter than N.S.

  7. WHo's Nigel Slater? Never heard of him! Mind you, I haven't had TV since the digital switchover!
    The food looks yum! Bob sounds a treasure!

  8. I was thinking of you this evening- throwing together bits and pieces that came home with us from Tollymore. "Ang would be doing something much more grown-up and interesting with this," I thought, and continued with my wholly ungrown-up and uninteresting repast!


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