Thursday, 11 October 2012

How Are The Mighty Fallen!

A very good quote from 2 Samuel Chapter 1 [for more details you should have been in church last Sunday night when Bob was preaching on David and Jonathan. An excellent sermon, but sadly a rather small congregation]

Things definitely ain’t wot they used to be!

Standards are obviously declining in our fine village. The chambermaids appear to be working to rule, and have not been opening the curtains on time

downton maids

It was well past 10am yesterday before they were drawn at The Manse. Rumour has it that GGOO [aka the Chancellor] was round taking notes. Check out #mycurtainsareclosedbecause [actually it was because we were both really busy working in rooms at the back of the house and hadn’t noticed the lounge and bedroom were still in darkness.]

And there are clearly plans afoot to cut back on the seasonal festivities – no more lavish celebrations as in years gone by

downton xmas

I know this for a fact, because I saw the sign in the window of our Village Post Office yesterday


If there is no Christmas Ball to attend, then who is going to want to pay full price for their new tiara?

And to answer the questions you may be asking

  • no, of course I didn't snap up a bargain, firstly because it is Stoptober, and secondly because I don’t need a new one.
  • the old one is sparkly plastic, and is in my ‘costumes’ box
  • the sale price is £6.99
  • no, I didn’t become Lynn Truss and tell them about the misplaced apostrophe!
  • and finally – no I have absolutely no idea why the good ladies of the PO were trying to sell tiaras in the first place!!


  1. Do you not wear a tiara to do your dusting? I am so disappointed!

    Pomona x

    1. I gave up because it kept getting entangled with the cobwebs. Maybe I should encase it in a Hermes scarf?

  2. I expect the tiara's (sic) are for Halloween. Our local PO is selling the most foul masks , ghosts, goblins etc.
    Our church does a Light Party instead.

    1. Well done your church! A much better idea all round

  3. Ha ha!!!! I DID want to ask all those questions!!!!!
    A couple of years ago, my godmother bought her Mum a tiara for Christmas and we always went over there on Christmas day evening so that year, we ALL went over there in tiaras! It was great! (Incidentally, I have two- both of them were presents!)
    Any luck on the supply teaching yet?

    1. Did the MEN wear tiaras too?
      The agency are busy sorting out my references and CRB checks before they can give me any work!

  4. Our church does a light party too!

  5. A tiara is really only a sparkly headband!
    Jane x

  6. What exciting things your Post Office sells. Ours has only stamps, boxes, and padded envelopes.

    How did "Bargain Prices" escape the apostrophe?


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