Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dissolving In Hysterics

I have been shopping with Approved Food for a while now. Here is the order which arrived last week


You’ll notice on the right, a heap of boxes of laundry tablets. When I put these goodies away, I tipped all the tabs into my big plastic lidded box, and put the boxes into recycling [apart from one, which I kept for instructions etc] First wash – I did what it said [put tablets to back of drum, before putting in the washing] and then came back later, when wash cycle completed, to find the tablets – still whole- showing through the door. Perhaps they don’t work at 40ºC? I broke the tabs into quarters, put them again to the back of the machine, tried again at 60ºC. Oh dear…

tide tabs

I went to the Time / Gumption website- but it is no longer there. The company has been dissolved [even though it’s tablets haven’t]

I took the tablets out, crushed them with a spoon and then dissolved them in boiling water. This time they have washed the laundry, satisfactorily.

I’ve emailed AF and suggested they put a note on the website, pointing out that you need to crush and dissolve the tablets before use. I shall let you know if/when they reply!


  1. I find that with most tablets. I buy liquid tabs from Aldi they are great.

  2. Until I got these, I was using Aldi 'regular' tablets. I don't seem to get on with the liquid ones.

  3. I make my own laundry powder,I have never used fancy pods.
    Jane x

  4. I use good old Surf liqid, and measure it very carefully.

  5. I bought those tablets and they were terrible!!! Ive just finished them and the kids school shirts remained grubby on the collars, they never ever dissolved even on a 90 degree wash!!! i was very very disappointed with them(and had to stick with them because I had bought loads of boxes as iot was such a good deal!!!! I have now bought surf which was on offer and my washing is sparkingly clean and smell lush!!!

    Love Nat xx

  6. I think I shall be doing lots of crushing and swishing on laundry days for a few weeks - I too thought I was getting a good deal. AF have sent an automated reply saying my query will be dealt with shortly!


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