Monday 1 October 2012

Give Us This Day…

…our daily bread


Bob enjoyed his day off by producing some amazing food. First up, a loaf using the second half of a bag of Waitrose seeded malted bread flour, which we picked up in their Swaffham store whilst we were at Cornerstones. He looks justly proud of this [its smells gorgeous too!]

And then he used the remainder of the ‘OO’ flour which I got on offer to make some tagliatelle, and various veg from the fridge to produce a lovely sauce to go with it.


This is all in keeping with Froog’s Stoptober Challenge, to avoid all unnecessary spending and use up what’s in store.

All very satisfactory and I am glad to have my man back from his time away.

waitrose flour

mcD oo flour

We did spend a little this morning – on eggs, milk and fruit in Sainsbury's at Oadby – then we called in at the big Waitrose. This was for a specific product which Bob has been wanting to buy for ages. Lotus Speculoos Caramelised Spread

You know those fancy Belgian biscuits you sometimes get with your coffee? Well imagine that made into a spread! It’s ambrosial

Lotus_Biscuit. jpg


Liz and Steph have occasionally picked up a jar of this when they’ve been abroad – and we understood that Waitrose were stocking it now. Sadly it has yet to appear on the shelves. We came away empty-handed. But I have promised that when it does, Bob can treat himself to a jar [or two] It’s probably not strictly within the Stoptober challenge, but never mind.

rich gifts


  1. Stoptober has really caught on - it'll be a tough month for a lot of people but if we all have a few months a year where we lived off what we have and didn't spend, we'll all be better of in the long run - love froogs xxx

  2. HI Angela! MMmmm, your husband made some nice sounding food items! The challenge is a really good idea- I've got loads of jars and tins in one cupboard that just seem to sit there for years,never getting used up, I must must must work my way through them!
    I'm going to post about the prayer tent tomorrow, wanted to link up with it on a Tuesday link-up!

  3. We've just been praying about this (get us!). Treasure stocked up somewhere else.

  4. I'm sure I can smell that bread!!
    Jane x

  5. You and Bob need a "Kiss the Cook" apron. :)

    1. Believe me, I do not need to be TOLD to kiss him!!

  6. I've seen that speculoos spread here in France, but have always avoided it on the "not sure if that's a good idea" premise. Maybe I should buy some and try it...

    1. I am concerned that if you do try it, with its great availability over there, you'd get addicted, and then have to rename your 'Thin Dormouse Getting Fatter!!'

  7. I have made bread and pasta sauce many a time, but making your own pasta is a step above and beyond - he sounds like a keeper!

    My husband is away at the moment and only just got back from his last trip of two weeks - 3 nights at home :(


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