Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Washing My Dirty Laundry In Public!

timne tabs

Thank you to Approved Foods – who received my e-mail and have credited my account IN FULL for the cost of the tabs! I did write in a friendly and positive way – and said I was usually 100% happy with their service, and I think it is important to acknowledge how promptly they have dealt with this one.

Brilliant result!


  1. I've never been quite brave enough to try an Approved Food order, but if their customer service is that good then I feel myself a little more tempted
    x x x

  2. I got my AF order yesterday and in my so-called "Lucky" box for £1 I got a box of these. Thought of you! I shan't be asking for a refund though as the amount is probaly about 10 or 15p.

  3. Nice to know that a point can be made nicely, and still reap results! Well done, both parties!

  4. always good to have decent customer service.

    Gill in Canada


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