Monday 8 October 2012

I Say!

lego bento
I just had to post this picture of a Lego Bento Box packed lunch. Isn’t it utterly amazing? It is made by a Japanese housewife as a token of love for her husband.
Absolutely everything is edible in these boxes. Even the Lego Logo [Cheese slices, black seaweed paper and cooked egg] Then there’s leek, cheese, ham, smoked salmon, cucumber, beef, rice, and the packing material is lettuce and cherry tomato halves. It makes the sandwich, apple and yogurt which I prepared for Bob on Saturday seem exceedingly dull!
If any of you feel suitably motivated to throw one of these together for your child’s school bag, there’s a tutorial here. Mags, it is probably wise not to show this picture to the strawberries!!
Do you think the wife ate all the little scraps of leftover food in a bowl for her lunch?
Do you think his work colleagues were envious? or was he embarrassed to open his lunchbox in front of them?
legoIt is all healthy foods though – perhaps this idea would be good to adapt for a kids’ party menu.
The name "Lego"comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well". “Lego” is also the greek word for “I say”


  1. They probably held competitions for the best box after having seen that.

  2. "Lego" means "I read" in Latin. I hadn't realised that it was a Greek word too : )

    I wonder what other languages it crops up in and what it means in them.

  3. It looks amazing...but frankly, too much effort! Does that poor lady have nothing better to do with her time (says she, sitting in front of her computer, reading blogs, when she should be PREPARING HER LESSONS!!!)

  4. Cute! My students still love Lego and I love them for their childlike preferences!

  5. Hello Angela! Wow, this is impressive, what an interesting approach to lunch! I'd like to open my luchbox to this definitely!!!!

  6. Too late. Strawberries captivated. Oh good grief. At least I started reading the Golden Notebook today, to re-awaken any semblance of feminist thoguht!!!!!


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