Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hat Tricks

There just aren’t enough hat wearers around! I’ll be putting on my fascinator later for this afternoon's wedding – but on the whole, I think we should go back to the hat- wearing tradition. [Yes Jane, I know that in frozen Canada, the toque is an essential bit of kit in winter – but in the UK we aren’t so good at stylish headgear as a daily habit]

I have to say that the best hat-wearing blogger I have encountered recently is Kezzie – check out her amazing collection of headgear [here] I’ve been knitting away at the Sailors’ Society hat pattern and have a bag full of warm woolly winter hats.


But I thought they needed a bit of embellishment before I’d want to wear one.

Then I was looking through my crochet book again and found some flowers


These proved surprising easy to make, and while I was watching the recording of GBBO [sad for James, but well done John!] I made loads of blooms


I think they make a good trim


I have a big bag of tapestry wools in my stash – mostly part skeins, left over from other people’s stitching projects – and they are ideal for this sort of pattern. I’ve had fun pairing up colours and attaching a flower or two to some of the hats I have knitted [the floral ones will not be going to the Sailors though]


  1. Oh lovely! Sailor hats or no! I have a happy hat that I am wearing constantly when outdoors, and sometimes I just don't take it off when I get back home! Hope wedding will be glorious.

  2. Surely there are some women sailors who might like the flowered ones? Or even some men who might? They can't all be grizzled, weather-beaten sea-dogs!

  3. At my knitting group we've been knitting hats like these (without flowers) for the troops going out to Afghanistan from a local barracks.
    One of the ladies at my group puts her phone number in them in hope she snags a nice army major lol

    1. You never know - she might get a squaddie, or a general!

  4. Oh my word, I love your floral hats! :) I'm a big hat fan myself. Are they tricky to knit? Bearing in mind that I'm very much a beginner?!

  5. Hat pattern INCREDIBLY easy - see here
    if you can do stocking stitch and K2P2 rib, you can do this!!

  6. Your hats are just great! Love the flowers!


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