Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Horrorgami

I don’t do Halloween, on principle. I am horrified to read that this year $370 MILLION  will be spent on costumes for pets. [please don’t even consider it – send a tenner to Battersea Dogs Home instead. Thankyou]

hagan guireyBut I am currently becoming increasingly interested in papercrafts, as there seems to be a lot of ideas floating round the ether lately. Newest one that I have encountered is ‘horrorgami’ by a guy in London called Mark Hagan Guirey.

Check out the stunning video on the BBC Website [here] and look at these pictures- his new one-man show opens in London tomorrow,featuring paper sculptures based on iconic houses in Horror Films.

hagan guirey Horrorgami 2 houses

One sheet of A4 paper, a scalpel, a ruler, and no glue! Wow!

hagan guirey Horrorgami_shining

Now I’m busy thinking about nativity scenes – stable, shepherds, star, Saviour... I have a book called “The First Christmas” by Jan Pienkowski [all the illustrations are based on paper cuts] and I am wondering if JP’s art can be re-interpreted in 3D H-G style?

hagan guirey & pienkowski xmas


  1. I just don't get Halloween at all. Do not understand how the US goes crazy over it. Have a great week!

  2. We went to France at this time last year. They don't celebrate it at all, from what I could deduce. The celebrate the next day, All Saints Day and visit their family graves and take potted flowers. It's a sort of 'go home' pilgrimage and I think that's far more fitting than the ghoulish Halloween which is just another pitiful excuse for sales and marketing.

  3. I have been to one of those houses!
    Jane x


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