Saturday, 13 October 2012

In Need Of National Elf Service


My to-do list gets longer by the day, and I need to get myself much more organised. Planning on spending this evening [and some more time next week] finishing off the home-made Christmas presents.

I can’t show any pictures, because too many of the recipients follow the blog and it would rather spoil the surprise.

Instead I shall post a couple of pictures of the stars of the Great British Bake Off. Don’t forget the final is next Tuesday.

James, who is my favourite to win this year! I love his Shetland Jumpers- which he wears because he is proud to be a Shetlander. Quite concerned about John who appears to bake wearing nothing more than an apron, shorts and a blue Elastoplast. Brendan should never have put the shredded wheat on his gingerbread house.

gbbo james

and Mary Berry, who got her well-deserved CBE yesterday

gbbo berry cbe

Sorry to hear that HM had bad back pain and had to send Prince Charles instead. Maybe MB gave him some tips on baking his Duchy Originals biscuits. Well chosen outfit, Mary!


  1. James is my favourite. And he's my sixteen year old daughter's favourite too but for completely different reasons :) x

  2. My goodness, you are very organised! I have made nothing more than plans for Christmas presents yet.

    I agree with you about the GBBO. I am rooting for James as well. I think it must be the knitwear!

  3. The Shetland guy is in Final, oh so delighted. Only saw first one and a half episodes but have been hoping he would win!

  4. I saw a man on breakfast tv in the week who was a winner of the Great British Bake Off who wouldn't disclose the recipe for his raspberry jam because it's in his new cookbook!I thought he was this year's winner but couldn't have been if the final is this week (better add that I haven't watched the programme this year!). Anyway, my raspberry jam will never be surpassed - even though I do say so myself!!!Have a great week, Angela. x


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