Friday, 5 October 2012

Mermaid’s Tears

That’s an old name for sea glass. We had an absolutely brilliant talk at our church last night by Sarah Good, of the Seawitch Glass Studios. Last year, when Jane was over from Canada, we met her at a Christmas Fayre.Sarah was so passionate about her craft that I felt she’d be a superb speaker for our group. And indeed she was- we were riveted by what she said- and delighted by the cards and jewellery she brought to sell.


It was fascinating to learn about glass ‘bubbles’, and why old red glass is so rare, and the places where the best glass is found…

Do check out her website – and if you are near Leicester, then you can find her stuff on sale at the Leicester Christmas Craft Fair, December 1st & 2nd [11am-4.30pm] A Christmas art, craft and design fair based in Leicester's 14th century Guildhall in the heart of Leicester's city centre.[next to the Cathedral, near the Richard III dig!] Free admission. The Guildhall, Guildhall Lane, LE1 5FQ

Guildhall & Cathedral

Thanks Sarah for a wonderful evening – a great time was had by all!


  1. Sarah's cards are absolutely stunning! It sounds as if you have had a great evening. Jx

  2. Hi Angela!
    Oh, how beautiful! I like that: mermaid's tears.

  3. Sea glass is very fascinating indeed. I wish I could visit the craft fair ... shall have to settle for the website. :)

  4. That's great that you were able to get Sarah to share her enthusiasm! I loved meeting Sarah last year and would have loved to have been at the could you not fall in love with sea glass after meeting Sarah?
    Jane x

  5. I adore seaglass too! I have a nice little collection of small pieces that make me very happy! She sounds brilliant, I wish I could have been there- it's amazing hearing passionate people talk about their craft!

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments and thank you for inviting me to was a real pleasure to share my craft, and my secrets!! (and the tea was most welcome after so much talking!) Look forward to seeing you at the Guildhall on the first weekend of December!


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