Wednesday 10 October 2012

Homeward Bound

This time yesterday, we were already on the A47 making our way back from Cornerstones to Kirby. Apart from a mile or so at each end of the journey, we travel on just that one long road, the A47. Some people regard it as a dull and boring straight road – but there is so much to see if you just look!

autumnleavesFirst thing in the morning, there is the mist rolling off the fields, looking quite ethereal. At this time of the year too I revel in the glorious autumnal shades of the foliage lining the roads. Fabulous colours!

fenlandwindfarmAll that flat fen country is ideal terrain for windfarms, and on Tuesday morning they were whirling round happily producing energy for somebody, somewhere.

We did spot one change on the route which we’d not noticed in the dark on Sunday evening – Kiss Kiss, the ‘Adult’ Shop at Guyhirn appears to have closed. In the old days, when the girls were much younger, the site was a Little Chef, where we occasionally stopped for a cup of tea and use of the loo. I was never quite sure what sort of customers would bother to drive out there when the shop changed hands – and there were never many cars in the car park.

kisskisslingerie guyhirnMaybe the bottom has dropped out of the market for sexy underwear?

I cannot see Little Chef taking it over again – they have closed at least two others on the A47

Closer to Wisbech, we saw a fantastic purple and white marquee in a field – Mr Fips Wonder Circus will be in town next weekend.

mr fips wonder circus

Apart from the troupe of Andalusian horses, this is a people-based company, with artistes from all over Europe. We waved ‘Goodbye to Mr Fips’ and drove on.

We were soon back to Leicester, the morning traffic was building up

DSCF4707Pulling up alongside other vehicles at a roundabout we were both a little baffled by the sign on this wheel cover. “Stay calm, lower your head, and slowly back away'”

Isn’t that advice for when you encounter bears? Please advise me on that one, Jane! We don’t get many bears in Leicester.

Our journey was 110 miles and we passed through five counties – Norfolk, Cambridge, Northamptonshire, Rutland and Leicestershire. The mini-break in Norfolk was wonderful – but it is good to be home!


  1. When we lived in Peterborough I often used to drive out to Kings Lynn, Downham Market or Ely. I remember KissKiss taking over from the Little Chef too. I noticed that our local shop, snappily titled "The Naughty Corner" has recently disappeared and turned into a Polish bakery. I suspect online shopping has taken its toll!

    Is the other cafe still there, on the eastbound side slightly nearer Peterborough? I never did need to use it but it always looked like a good one.
    Lynn P

  2. I would never lower my head if I encountered a bear! Backing away slowly is good,if the bear is going to charge he will bluff charge first...then it is time to make yourself as large and scary as possible. Never back DOWN an incline,you are making yourself smaller. Never turn away from the bear.Never run, you are triggering the chase response.
    If all else fails curl in a ball ,protect your head, and PRAY!
    I hope these techniques never have to be used in Leicestershire,although they may be usefeul in Christmas shopping crowds!
    Jane x


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