Friday, 26 October 2012

This Has Really Got Up My Nose!

I love London – and it has some fine buildings. The Admiralty Arch being one of them. It is one of the highlights of Royal Events to watch processions passing through the central arch.

admiralty arch

I am a little miffed that the Government has sold the lease to a Spanish Hotel Company. I do hope the Spaniards do not remove the nose [story here] even if many of the stories surrounding it are myth

admiralty archnose locationadmiralty archnoseclose up


  1. I was there in 1981...sadly no nose then.
    Jane x

  2. Oh I didn't know about the nose, must read that now- breakfast can wait, I'm sure...

  3. I don't like it, Angela...and I didn't like County Hall (the Greater London Council building on London's South Bank) being turned into a hotel/aquarium/McDonald's either, back in the 1980s!

  4. Oh dear. Will now it be called the "Something or Other Admiralty Arch"?

    Must read up on the Nose as I had not heard of it until now.


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