Sunday, 21 October 2012

Yellowism #2

Random memory – it is fifty years ago to this very day that I learned to make custard!

custard2custard poster

In case anyone wonders how I can be quite so specific, I’ll explain…

On Sunday October 21st 1962, the world was gripped by the Cuban Missile Crisis. And although Dad went off to church, Mum stayed at home with the radio on, listening for news bulletins. To miss church on a Sunday was unheard of, so I knew there must be something up!

Mum decided to keep me busy by getting me to make a jug of custard to accompany our Sunday apple pie. She taught me to mix the powder to a paste with some milk, and add sugar, and pour on the hot milk, and even allowed me to stand at the stove and stir the custard in the pan till it thickened. Was she concerned that in the event of her own death in a nuclear war, her 7 year old would be able to fend for herself and make her own custard?

October 21st – a significant date for many reasons

  • 1805, Battle Of Trafalgar- The French Fleet Capitulates
  • 1962, Cuban Missile Crisis – The World Anticipates
  • 1962, Ang makes her first custard – The Family Salivates
  • 1984, Stephanie Almond is born – The Family Celebrates

From my point of view, Nelson, Kennedy and Mr Bird are quite unimportant beside that final event – Happy Birthday Daughter!!


  1. Funny how we associate food with specific times in our lives. To me the theme tune of Desert Island Discs always conjures up memories of helping Mum make Angel Delight for lunch (possibly Sunday lunch if it was on Sundays in those days). I LOVE making custard with Birds powder. Happy birthday Stephanie.
    Keep calm and make custard :)

    1. Steph's currently on holiday in Cape Verde- so family celebrations postponed till next weekend!

  2. I was almost 3 at the time, so have no memories (I can't remember last week so I'd certainly not remember 50 years ago!) but I have spoken to mum about how she felt at the time. She said she felt a little numb - because, after all, what could she do about it? - and, rather like your mum, just tried to keep everything as ordinary as possible. I can't imagine how I would feel in such circumstances, and I pray to God I never will have to find out.

    That possible Armageddon was diverted. However, I do wonder if we are heading towards another - whic may not get stopped in time...

  3. I was wondering how you could remember to the day! A fascinating memory :) And happy birthday to Stephanie!

  4. I was eight months old,so probably would have LOVED your custard!
    Happy Birthday beautiful Steph!
    And,finally, we are celebrating Trafalgar day today...a rum cocktail then the "Pirates" movie.
    Jane x

  5. Love Bird's custard, we have it also as well.



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