Monday, 1 October 2012

If You Want To Get Ahead…

…get a hat


In the last eight weeks, I have knitted 28 woolly hats. Some are Christmas gifts – the remainder are for the Sailors’ Society. Aiming to have even more done by Christmas. It takes me between 3 and 4 hours to make a hat – I can usually almost complete one in a car journey to London or Cornerstones. Thank you to KnitWits of Dereham for your lovely wools!

“Where’s Wally?” fans will have spotted the red stripey one [although his hat is red and white, not red and black] If you study the picture carefully, you’ll see the 4 latest ones which have yet to have their back seams sewn up.

My Christmas planning is going well. I have some sewing projects on the go too. Aiming to do lots of wrapping up around half term!


  1. Wow, such organisation leaves me breathless.

  2. How on earth do you find time for all you do? Hey, hey - I spotted the hat. You need to do another thousand hats then hide it again!
    Love from Mum

  3. Love your hats! And I'm impressed by your pre-Christmas planning. I hope to get several pairs of socks knitted for Christmas presents, and I suppose it's time to get started!


  4. I'm stuck for inspiration for small items to post to 16 year old girls for Christmas...any ideas, please?

    1. How about fingerless gloves or
      Or little flower brooches [fabric or crochet]

  5. Wow! You are an unstoppable machine! Very impressed.


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