Friday 7 October 2022

Just Chillin'

I'm a naturally busy sort of person. Always happy pottering about. But sometimes it is good to have an excuse to do very little. Like yesterday - I needed to wait at someone else's house for a workman's visit. 
Bob dropped me off en route to his Chaplaincy session at the Hospice, which meant I had about 3 hours all to myself. 
I took milk [to make tea for myself, the workman, and Bob on his return] and a bag of little crafty tasks.
I darned my holey socks, did some work on the Postcard Project, and made a start on a small Christmas gift.
And I sat and sewed, and watched TV and it was so peaceful.
Steph took Jacob to his first Baby Sensory Class yesterday. 
I think he was even more chilled out than me 

The workman was very efficient and cheerful. Here's a little song about workmen to make you smile [if clip won't load try this link


  1. Been a while since I heard that little ditty - who knew there were so many Lego men!

  2. I love these little animations! And yes, it's a long time since Flanders and Swan were around

  3. Ah, it won't load! Perhaps I'll try after school? I'm intrigued by the picture of Jacob. He looks like he's having his colours done!

    1. Keep trying Kezzie, I've added a link above

    2. Hehe- funnily enough I had actually been thinking about what season he and George would be… George is definitely an autumn, I think Jacob is a winter!

    3. I'll have to knit George a jumper with the remainder of the wool

  4. Sounds like you still managed to keep yourself busy and occupied even while you were just chillin'!

  5. What a fantastic start to my Friday morning-I’ll be chuckling all day at that little ditty! Catriona

  6. My youngest-by-14-years sister was mystified as to how I could sit on my posterior at the drop of a hat and do literally nothing! I said to her when you get to this age, it becomes second nature (and I'm not in the least bit ashamed of it!). My grandson loved his baby sensory classes.


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