Monday 3 October 2022

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth...

...and nothing but the tooth.
When Rosie was here for the weekend a fortnight ago, she was very anxious about her wobbly tooth. It was her first, and she was concerned about the Tooth Fairy. Yes, her best friend had lost a tooth, and she had been visited by the TF - so I said I was sure that when the time came, 
it would all be fine.
On the morning of the Queen's Funeral, I set up the sewing machine in front of the TV, and hastily produced a tiny little bag.
When we began our journey back to London, I presented it to her- and explained that when the tooth came out, she should put it under her pillow.
"And when the TF sees the ribbon, she will know there is a tooth for her to collect" 
You would have thought that nothing could go wrong. Ha! ha!
Rosie went for her swimming lesson - and when she got out of the water, discovered her wobbly tooth had gone - washed away in the pool. 
She put a letter in the purse, explaining why there was no tooth. The TF dutifully paid up anyway, leaving a note saying that was OK, and she hoped Rosie had fun with the money.
Which was all good. Then her second wobbly tooth came out at a meal time, and she swallowed it by mistake. Yet another apologetic note went in the purse. 
I hope tooth #3 makes it into the little purse...The TF may suspect Rosie is working some kind of hustle here! "To lose one tooth may be regarded as misfortune, to lose two  looks like carelessness" as Oscar Wilde almost said. 

On an unrelated note - I see that the new King's cypher has been released. Does that mean that the Royal Mail will change its name to C3PO??


  1. Ha, C3PO! That really is unfortunate about Rosie and her missing teeth but luckily the tooth fairy can check these matters out!

    1. The TF is very efficient at this [see Catriona's comment below!]

  2. I love Rosie's letter to the tooth fairy. I seem to remember when our granddaughter was little she left a note for the tooth fairy but I forget the context. It was a long time ago, she's 16 now!

  3. I remember getting a sixpence from the tooth fairy when I was a little girl, or maybe it was a thrupenny bit! Such innocence is so delightful.
    I rather like the king's new cypher.

  4. Hope the Tooth Fairy understands that these things happen from time to time! :D

  5. Oh bless her, two teeth lost, and two teeth lost!
    Our Grandson, who turned six in late August, had a very wobbly tooth before breaking up from school for the summer hols.
    The first day of the holidays, he was having breakfast in M&S and his tooth popped out as he was eating a piece of toast!
    He then started concentrating on the next tooth along, and two days later, when he was at our house, he wandered into the kitchen with the tooth in his hand!
    He's started working on the top two now, I think he's trying to build up his bank balance!

  6. What a super little bag for the tooth fairy! I can’t believe how much money some tooth fairies seem to leave! A friend’s daughter once left a tooth from their puppy under her pillow to try and fool the tooth fairy-what a surprise when a small dog treat was beneath her pillow in the morning! Catriona

  7. Okay, that note is just adorable - toof fel out in pool! Children are just precious!

  8. Poor Rosie! Am glad the Tooth Fairy was understanding and am sure the tooth bag you made charmeed the fairy.
    Oh! Bad joke, brain hurt - C3PO, indeed!


  9. Oh I would love our post boxes to be C3POs :-)
    The Tooth Fairy is going to be getting very suspicious soon!! I used to get a threepenny bit and then a sixpence a few years later for a tooth. My boys got one pound each, what is the going rate for a tooth these days?

    1. I think £1 or £2 [depending on what coins are available- before long I suspect the TF will go contactless]


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