Friday, 25 November 2011


Monday 14th November – I learned to crochet under the expert tutelage of Catherine [Kids and Capers] whilst sitting in Mags’ lounge. Wednesday 23rd November, less than 10 days later, I finish my first project whilst sitting with with girls at Sewing Club!


Here is my baby blanket – one exceedingly large granny square. It will be passed on to Dave Ford to take out to the maternity hospital in Morocco next time he goes. I am ridiculously excited to have learned a new craft – and glad that Project #1 is actually something that will be of use to someone. Thanks Catherine for teaching me, Mags for the hook and ball of green wool, [and coffee and encouragement as I climbed the learning curve]

The remaining wool was from my Great Stash – and will be counted as part of my November declutter [which is not going so well, I admit – I have not been diligent enough with that challenge!]

gareth and military wives

I confess, I was crocheting at midnight on Tuesday night, as I sat up to watch the Gorgeous Gareth and the Military Wives. Having heard them on Chris Evans’ Show at Breakfast in the morning, I wanted to catch the last programme of the series.

It was excellent– and I hope their Christmas release is successful. [There’s a good article about it all here]


  1. Way to go! I love your granny square blanket!

  2. Well done you! Your first blanket is amazing! Cx

  3. As I have told EVERYONE, it is all down to YOUR tuition, Catherine!!

  4. I would love to learn to crochet...because it is faster than knitting.
    I watched the gorgeous Gareth when I was in the UK...just have to wait a year for the program to arrive here.
    Jane x

  5. Very lovely! My granny blanket also grew from the tiny square I learnt from, and went to the daughter of friends who was settling in to halls of residence for the first time!

  6. Well done! And it will be put to good use in Morocco. :-)

  7. We think Gareth should feature in the New Years Honours list. What a super young man he is.

  8. So impressed! It's been a while since I've stayed up until midnight stitching, but I love getting so caught up in a project that it keeps me up past my bedtime.



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