Monday, 28 November 2011

Twenty Four Hours Of R&R

After a brilliant Sunday Evening Service** we went straight off eastwards along the A47, arriving at Cornerstones round 10pm. A good night’s sleep – then Bob coked breakfast while I went up into the loft to fetch the ‘Christmas Stuff’


I decorated the tree we got in last January’s IKEA sale


Spare blue baubles went into a glass vase in the dining room and bunting hung in the corner of the lounge over the TV


A welcome wreath on the front door, and another on the side door too – both aged and inexpensive plastic PoundShop finds – but they are weatherproof, and look fine and festive [and I would not be heartbroken if they got nicked in my absence]


My star is hung in the side window and will light up every evening on an auto-timer, and finally, in the kitchen window, by the front door, just in case any of my neighbours haven’t heard the good news…


And whilst I’ve had all the festive fun, Bob has cooked a fab breakfast, fixed the dining room light and replaced the broken lock on the bathroom door!

And soon we will be back on the road to the Midlands…

**led by the Worship Group, with a superb selection of songs, and some thoughtful and beautiful prayers. Bob preached on Malachi. This is the first of a series on Malachi for the Sunday Evenings in Advent. He said he had thought of doing a selection of four different prophets but had to change his plans as that might be illegal. Now our church is a registered charity, he explained, we are a not-four-prophet organisation!


  1. It looks lovely Ang. Hope you will be spending some relaxation time there over the season.

  2. Bob really is a gem--he makes breakfast, he fills the world with puns ... What would we do without him?


  3. Bob's comment? GROAN. Don't laugh anyone, or we'll only encourage more groaners!
    Jane x

  4. So lovely! You'll be crocheting your own festive bunting soon! I've made a start on a string, possibly for this year! Just need to unravel the mass that the red ball has somehow become!!

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like least in your neck of the woods!!



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