Friday, 18 November 2011

Hanky Panky In The Kitchen

Part of the November declutter has involved a conscious decision to get rid of “Gadgets I got years ago but do not use much” – but some items are useful,  I just need to get them out and use them.

cin2This morning I tackled all the ironing [whilst listening to Children In Need stuff on Radio 2] which included a pile of hankies. Then I moved on to cooking.


I got this minimorsels set in Lakeland 3 years ago, and have used it a fair bit since [see some ideas here]

I had to put the oven on to bake some garlic bread to go with the homemade soup we were having for lunch [the usual pre-Christmas using up random freezer contents] so I decided to experiment.

DSCF2717I warmed up a multi-grain tortilla in the microwave [the last one in the packet] and cut out circles with my small cutter.

I pushed the circles into the tin with the dibber that comes in the set. I chopped up the remaining trimmings DSCF2718and spread them in a foil tin.

These all baked for 6 minutes in a hot oven, till golden brown.

Then I filled the cooled ‘crostadas’ with DSCF2719some scrambled egg [I had 2 egg yolks to use up in the fridge] and garnished with snipped chives. [It is more ‘cheffy’ to say snipped rather than chopped chives!]

DSCF2720They tasted good – the shells were crisp and Bob says they look ‘properly home-made’

What on earth does that mean??

It was easier and quicker than faffing about making pastry!

DSCF2721Great for quick canapés come Christmas-time.

I tipped the trimmings onto a board and crushed them with my mini rolling pin.


And now I have some imitation ‘panko’. DSCF2722Panko is [are?] a sort of breadcrumbs popular in Japan – and very trendy right now. TV chefs like Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten keep on about them.

They will store well in an airtight container till I find a use for them.


Useful tip – I inverted the baking pan, to make an impromptu cooling rack for the garlic bread [thank you Real Simple for that tip]

I was going to call this post Hanky-Panko, or maybe Hanko-Panko, but both titles just sounded silly!


  1. You always make me smile Angela. How are you? I love the idea of totillas rather than pastry, I must remember that one. Love Jen

  2. What a great idea! Easy-peasy for holiday guests.

  3. Oooh...easily veganized with scrambled tofu or my quiche filling!
    Jane x
    PS I would love to join in with Christmas tips.

  4. Oh ironing. There's that word again!


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