Wednesday, 2 November 2011

More “Fall-Out”

A Thrifty Mrs has challenged her readers to spending the 30 days of November throwing out three things a day.  90 items to declutter!

thirty day declutter

This seems a good idea [I took 3 boxes of stuff to Oxfam in Monday and a box of books to the Loros bookshop – and that was October]

But already I have managed this month to deal with…

£2 Homebase voucher [from May 2002 – now well and truly expired]


DSCF2611A set of plastic alphabet stencils. Given to me about ten years ago. I think I have used them once. DSCF2612

My staff badge from a place I worked a dozen years ago. It has got damp and gone misty!DSCF2613 

Bible Reading rota from church, and airline ticket details from 2003. Neither has any useDSCF2614 now.

Freebie key-ring. I agree with the sentiment, but don’t need ring.DSCF2616 DSCF2617

Finally a pair of banners which Steph and I made with a group of Christian Women at a Conference in Croatia eight years ago. Very creased, having been rolled up in the loft for years.

I do not intend to list all 90 items on the blog – it will get boring [ThriftyMrs gives quite specific rules about the challenge] I will say that the prospect of visitors this weekend and also the collapse of a shelf in the cupboard where I store a lot of my craft stuff has meant an enforced bout of tidying and sorting, which has helped.

What have you decluttered lately?


  1. Right. 3 things a day. Sounds reasonable. That's 6 today then....

  2. Oh no! A collapsed shelf! That can't be good! I think I could round up three boxes of books (the hardest things for me to get rid of!)

  3. Regular contributer to Age Concern at Blaby . Another bag ready to go

  4. Three items a day--that's a great idea, especially as we have a Veteran's service that comes around periodically to pick gently used items up. Okay, off to pick out six things ...

    "Druthers" is another word for "preference." I don't know where it comes from, but it's fun to say.

    In your comment on my most recent post, you've certainly laid out the difficulties in mailing sausages from the UK to the USA. But you, my dear, are a wise and diligent woman, and I know you'll come up with something. Or at least a good recipe?


  5. OK, three things a day, no bother. How everyone in my household will hate me as the month wears on, but that's of no importance compared to my new lightness of heart. I'm going to start going through my husband's ties right now.

  6. Collapsing shelves, exploding glass table mats...are you sure it is safe for your visitors???
    Jane x


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