Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction!

DSCF2544Some years ago [2003 I think] I bought a dress [in a sale] for a family event. But it wasn’t really a wise move – it had spaghetti straps and that meant buying a strapless bra as well. And it had a drapey cowl neckline, which was fashionable at the time. But I kept it, because I liked the way the hemline swished, even though it was really a bit tight, and the neckline kept drooping…

When I did my wardrobe sort the other week, I tried it on again. It now fits much better – but the neckline was still quite unmanageable and displayed way too much lace and cleavage.

DSCF2542But I’ve noticed that a lot of dresses and tops recently have pleats at the neckline [Boden and M&S both feature them in their latest ranges]

So I pinned four pleats and hand-stitched them in place.DSCF2545



You can see from the before and after photos how much better the neckline looks now.

I think I shall get my money’s worth out of this now.

All I need is an excuse to wear it!

It is red and Christmassy though, roll on December!


  1. Great way to reinvent a pretty dress... from your very own closet! It is perfect for Christmas!!

  2. Great idea...trouble is with dresses like that, whilst perfect in colour and style for Christmas, it is just far too cold to wear it!

    I need to do a wardrobe sort...

  3. Lovely job! Of course, you'll need a sweater to wear it at Christmas--or a fur stole? Hmmm ...


  4. Wonderful idea Angela - so much more rewarding revamping a favourite don't you think?
    Re Delia - am adding some more recipes to my blog - will set up in the tab section xx


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