Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I Have Done It!

thirty day declutter

I have managed to declutter 90 things this month! Various weekend guests, and a trip to Belfast, and other things meant I wasn’t very diligent about the three-items--a-day thing.

But lots has gone in a final end-of-month push


And the spare bed is clear of all the stuff pictured above, and it can be slept in again! I have decluttered the followingitems to children who may appreciate and use them [model making kits, books, toy cars]

  • a lot of ‘wearable’ clothes to the charity shop
  • paper and card to be recycled – including 700 worksheets for lessons I will never teach [the original master sheets retained on the PC just in case, though!]
  • some ‘unwearable’ clothes to the bin [sad and baggy size 14 underwear which is too big for the slimmer me. Lucy Lastic strikes again]
  • usable, but unwanted, items to the charity shop– fridge magnets, novelty mouse mats,a windchime, etc
  • haberdashery and fabric to various friends who can use it.
  • 3 paperback books [charity shop again]
  • various CDs and DVDs [ditto]
  • a stack of old magazines and catalogues
  • hair accessories [I haven’t had long hair since March – and I am unlikely to ever grow it long again]
  • masses of ‘silly’ fabric scraps – too small even for me to be able to use.
  • and lots more stuff I am too embarrassed to even mention


So a big THANKYOU to Thrifty Mrs for the challenge!


  1. Well done ! I haven't kept count of what has left the house this month , but there has been a lot - much, much more than came in! I still have a mountain of books to go through. Most will be donated , but I can't bear to part with all my childhood favourites that have travelled many miles with me and have seen the inside of many packing boxes.

  2. Well done! I didn't at all hit the target, but there is generally more space to breathe!

  3. Well done! I am decluttering as well but everything is going into the shed until i get time to go to the charity shop to drop them. I do have a bag thats been sitting in my hallway since Saturday that needs to go to Master T's school for the PTA Christmas fayre. I am trying to become a minimalist but its work in progress

  4. I'm so impressed, Angela! I've done some good decluttering this month, but there's so much more to be done, I fear.



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