Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pin Ups

I love badges, I even have my own Super Badge-It Badgemaker [thank you Steph!] which was actually acquired when I needed to make some official “Stewards” badges


Denise posted a picture of a badge last week, and I thought it was great – it makes me feel much better about my study!

cluttered desk

…but perhaps I should get one of these…


…or maybe this one…


…but don’t forget…

dint judge

I do like this one though



  1. I have seen the 'cleverly disguised as a responsible adult' on several occasions and keep thinking I must get it on a T shirt or badge or something.

  2. I'm coveting your Badge it!

    My favourite is the 'Lerts one too!

    Coming over to KM on Friday to a funeral at St Barts. Don't know where it is in relation to your home, so won't be popping in for tea with Sis! LOL!

    Sandie xx


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