Friday, 25 November 2011

Of Sow’s Ears And Silk Purses

At last, everything [bar just one gift] is wrapped and ready. My stash of tins in the loft has proved very useful


Some festive uniformity here…


I sat and wrapped all afternoon, whilst watching the ‘Hooray For Hollywood’ Prom Concert which I recorded months ago – singing along very loudly, and very badly, to Doris Day and Ethel Merman numbers. Bob actually asked me to stop at one point! [I think his ears were hurting]

Like many people this Christmas, I am conscious that I am spending less than I would like on gifts for family and friends. Even with my crafting skills, it is a struggle to turn this …

pigs ear

into this…

silk purse

Actually, I think that if I did come across a sow’s ear in the Great Stash, I’d just wrap it up and send it as a Christmas gift to Jon, who could no doubt produce some glorious porcine edible from it!


  1. Shame you are not nearer Angela - would have been great to have you at my craft nights - last night we used plastic carrier bags lol! Really doing as much as we can for less!

  2. You are so well organised!
    I think most people are spending less than they would like, but the recession has hit us all badly. And..its the thought that counts.

  3. It's not the amount of money, it's the love, thought and care that has gone into each one that makes them priceless. x

  4. It truly is the love and thought that goes into a gift that makes it special. My MIL used to say, "Just take the time to think about the person and you will have a wonderful idea for a perfect gift."

  5. I bet a sow's ear would make a good soup. Probably a better soup than a purse.

    I'm amazed and impressed you've got your shopping done. I've barely thought about Christmas yet, though I always mean to have it all taken care of by December 1st so I can truly observe the season. Sigh ... maybe next year.


  6. Your gifts look delightful in the tins. That was a lot of gift wrapping!


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