Saturday, 12 November 2011

Facing Up To The Challenge

thirty day declutter

Still trying really hard at this challenge. Here’s a picture of the spare bedroom last week, before our visitors came…


Much of this has been sorted and chucked, or put in the Charity shop box. Things like these 2 sets of IKEA stencils, which have never even been opened.


I took the noticeboard off the wall, and removed almost everything from it- it was like an archaeological dig, there was stuff dating back to 1998 on the bottom layer. All that remains now are two items – a poster Dad gave me about 25 years ago [before the girls started school] and a postcard Liz sent me a few years back. Plus about 50 map tacks, which I shall remove and put back in the box.


But by the time you read this, I shall be away for the weekend- spending a few days holiday in NI with Mags and family. Meeting two blogfriends on two subsequent weekends…how cool is that?

Normal decluttering will resume as soon as possible on my return!

I have noticed other blogfriends doing this challenge- hoping you are managing to be ruthless too.


  1. All teaching stuff is now in the recycling bin, but that all came from a box in the garage!Sorted the bottom of KL's wardrobe out last week when we moved it to decorate. Lots of old shoes in the bin , and some decent ones that are now unwanted are going to the charity shop. Also sorted out lots of children's books that I had for teaching - some went to K for her classroom and others are waiting to go to the charity shop along with some videos.Lots of items have gone out , and as my charity shop/boot sale buying has slowed dramatically the quantity is definitely far greater than that which has come in ! Hope you are having a fab weekend. x

  2. You are so brave! But oh, how happy you will feel when it is all de- cluttered!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Car boot full of stuff for old clothes place and charity shop. That's why your suitcase had to go on the back seat- so now it's time to declutter the car!

  4. Hi, I tried to comment on your new post but couldn't, not sure why, anyway your in my neck of the woods! I live near Lisburn, cant wait to hear more about your trip here, hope your having a great time :)

  5. My house is filled with my decluttered clutter. Tomorrow night we'll haul it all out to the porch for the folks who'll pick it up Tuesday morning. And then I'll go declutter some more. I won't give up!



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