Saturday, 26 November 2011

The First Nowell

…was at our Churches Together Christmas Unwrapped event. Bob and Sue and co worked hard to plan and prepare – Sue made a great display.



Between 70 and 80 people gathered outside in St Andrew’s Church Car Park, with members of Ratby Band, the Rainbows and Brownies.

DSCF2767The guy with the mic is Pastor Ian, from the Forest Chapel, who led the service, with his wife Ruth alongside him.

DSCF2768DSCF2769Notice small woman in red pixie boots and jingle bells hat!

It was daylight when we started but soon got dark.DSCF2771


The tree looked really pretty, with plum and lilac and purple baubles.


So I have sung my first few carols, and eaten a mince pie…and Christmas really feels as if it is on its way now.


Tomorrow we will light the first Advent Candle in Church.


  1. That seems like the perfect way to welcome Advent.

  2. What a lovely time! :-)

  3. Just my cup of tea....well, coffee but you know what I mean!
    Jane x

  4. We sang at PfA today- for the first time! And I had to kick it off which is even more incredible... Love the boots and hat- very spirit of Christmas! I love the Advent candles- we'll light ours here at home as well as hold our breath in church until The One has been chosen to light the candle there! Happy Advent, our great love!


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