Friday, 4 November 2011


Thank you everyone for all your kind birthday greetings.

Here is the grand old man with his birthday cake


I should explain that although a quarter of the cake has been cut out, the portion on Bob’s plate [out of shot] is only one twelfth of the whole. Three of us were each having a slice at tea time.

This is a Yes!Yes!Yes! cake, so named, apparently, because of the ingredients***

  • is it gluten free? YES
  • is it free of dairy products? YES
  • it is suitable for vegans? YES

We’ve had a great evening- we collected Jane [of the Maple Syrup Mob] from Leicester Bus Station at 4.15pm, then after our meal went to the Fireworks at the Village School. Now Bob is off to the Railway Station to collect Steph.

More about the weekend [and the recipe for the cake] later…

[***it has nothing to do with the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’!]


  1. What an amazing hostess you are- arranging a birthday and fireworks for your lucky guest! Will it be bonfires and bangers tomorrow night- bad luck, Frances, foiled again!

  2. Will look forward to the recipe... hoping it's also soya free so I can eat it too!

    So glad you had a great day.

  3. Glad your other half had a great birthday.....looking forward to more details of the cake as I sometimes cook for a friend with food intolerances.

  4. Beautiful cake! I want some bangers! Why, o why, was I born in such a desolate, banger-free land?



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