Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Less Than Three Weeks Till Advent!


A few years back, I was given this Christmas mug- it is from John Lewis, and it’s a very attractive shape. Then last year Mark gave us another JL one – also decorated with reindeer, and the same shape. They are both in the loft in one of the boxes of Xmas stuff.

Yesterday in a charity shop, I found another in the range for just £1.This one is decorated with elves and owls.

I had a box of candy canes [which were on hand last week, in case we had any trick-or –treaters, but we didn’t] so I’ve put them in the mug. My first bit of Christmas decorating for 2011!


I notice that JL have a whole range of mugs like this for 2011


So that probably means the charity shops will have them in 2012!

btw - do watch out for Pause In Advent – I’m hoping Floss will be organising it again – it’s become a regular part of my Christmas Preparations!


  1. Thanks, Ang - yes, I'm heading towards a post inviting people to join in again!

  2. I love those Christmas mugs.

    I have a lovely mug from Past Times which I have my Christmas coffee out of.

    Sft x


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