Thursday, 3 November 2011

Autumn Prayer

Two people staying this weekend means I need to get two bedrooms straight. The lead on the bedside light in the spare room [where Steph will be sleeping] needed sorting out under the bed.

You just do not want to know what was found when Bob lifted the bed so I could crawl underneath to fix the light! Among the 2 dozen paper clips, sweet wrappers [not mine!] and dead biros, I found a piece of paper cut from a magazine, with Millet’s ‘Angelus’, and also this lovely autumn prayer- which Bob wrote in 2002. They seemed to go together…

angelus millet

Father -

We thank you for this day

As the leaves take on the tints of autumn

And the air cools to the touch

As harvest fills the barns and evenings shorten

So we remember your faithfulness

And the turning cycle of the seasons turns our grateful hearts once again to you.

Protect us from ingratitude, selfishness or greed;

and just as your love overflows, pouring out beauty and wonder, so may our thankfulness overflow with generosity of heart and mind.



  1. This is beautiful, the photo and prayer. You should mount them together somehow and frame it. It would be beautiful hanging on the wall.

  2. How very lovely. What a super thing to find.


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