Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Not A Melancholy Flower!

CauliflowerI have posted about cauliflowers before [here] but that was 18 months ago and sales were declining – apparently they are rising again, mainly due to the promotion of this glorious vegetable by various celebrity chefs.

When I got back from Belfast, I found a cauli in the fridge. Bob had purchased it after watching Jamie roasting one on TV. The recipe is here. Not having coriander seeds in the cupboard [I don’t like them!] Bob substituted mustard seeds [obviously a man of faith – see Matthew 17:20] He used slightly less dried chilli flakes, knowing I don’t like things too hot. Meanwhile I made a simple chicken and courgette curry to accompany his dish. The whole meal was fabulous!


Thank you Bob – a very warming dish for a cold winter’s evening.

Bob says that if Jane visits us again, he will omit the butter, which will make it a vegan recipe!


  1. That looks so good! I love cauliflower but ours at the allotment didn't do very well this year - probably because we neglected them!

  2. Mmm. I passed by a cauliflower yesterday for want of inspiration. Shan't do that again!

  3. did Jane mention I am coming next time as well!!!! Oh wait, forgot to tell Jane that as well!!!

    I love cauliflower.

    Gill in Canada

  4. What do you mean 'if'? Make that when!
    J Oliver also has a lovely recipe for whole cauliflower in a tomato and olive sauce. Let me know if you would like the recipe.
    Jane x

  5. I adore a good cauliflower. We make cauliflower fritters to go with curry instead of onion bhaji.

  6. Last week was the first time I ever roasted cauliflower--what a revelation! I'd only eaten it raw before, and it was fine, if a little bland. But roasted--what a treat!



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