Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tidings Of Great Joy


According to the Royal Mail website today…

The King James Bible has been described as "the noblest monument of English prose", which shaped the way people write and speak English. Now 400 years after its publication Royal Mail celebrates the anniversary on this year’s Christmas stamps.
Seven stamps will be issued which draw on significant events from the Nativity inspired by verses from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. In addition the popular 1st and 2nd Class Madonna and Child stamps, first issued in 2007, will also be available.

Check out the site for more details and a close-up of this year’s stamps, which I think are quite attractive.

presentation sheet

There’s also this presentation sheet of all seven stamps [with the text of Luke 2;10 on it] and a set of postcards. Here are the 2007 stamps

2007 stamps

I’ll pop down to our village Post Office soon and sort mine out. I am glad I can still put the real reason for Christmas onto the envelopes of the cards I send.


  1. These stamps are lovely and like you I am pleased at the theme, the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. How lovely, so much better than pictures of jolly Father Christmas etc.

  3. They are lovely stamps. Some of those in recent years have been a bit odd, I think. These are proper Christmas stamps.
    (I collect stamps!)


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