Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Treat For A Good Mother!

Although I usually make my own jams and marmalades [the latter with the help of MaMade] I have a Christmas tradition which I have managed to maintain for a number of years – at least one of the breakfasts over the Christmas period [usually Christmas morning itself] is warm, buttery croissants with lashings of Bonne Maman Conserve. I love the flavours, and adore those cute red gingham lids.

bm openIts always worth checking the jars when you are in the supermarket, as occasionally they do special offers.

My last treat from Bonne Maman was a white and red tablecloth back in 2008. The cloth was pictured on my first ever blogpost…

breakfast march 08

But this month, I have just acquired another gift from this great French Confiture company…

bonne maman seasonal cookbook

Admittedly I needed to buy three jars of Bonne Maman to get the necessary codes- but as this book usually retails at £16.99 I felt I had got a bargain [and the jam was on offer in the supermarket] 192 pages of beautifully photographed, mouth-watering recipes – plus ideas for recycling all those gorgeous jars!

It is ‘seasonal’ because the recipes are divided into four sections [spring, summer etc] and they are very  varied – starters, mains and desserts, as well as home baking. The author is the talented Moyra Fraser, who has also written a number of cookbooks for “Good Housekeeping” – and her recipes are easy to follow and reliable.

bm spice jars

The index helpfully lists the recipes alphabetically, as well as listing the different Bonne Maman products and the dishes you can make with them. I have already decided I shall be making the Bobotie on p22 at the weekend – there’s some frozen mince in the freezer which needs to be used up, and I opened the jar of Bonne Maman Apricot conserve when I was putting the marzipan on my Christmas cake.

Do look at the page on the Amazon website [here] – where you will see that the book has received some good reviews. I only bought my jam and ordered the book last Friday – and it arrived today.

If you live in England, and act fast, you could probably have one for Christmas – for yourself, or for a gift.


  1. I lack a sweet tooth so i never buy jam and the like but i have recently descovered conserves thanks to one of my very good friends. Said friend always has a few jars stocked but not Bonne Maman and has the white and red serviettes (when i was growing up we used to call them that. He says he ordered the tablecloth but they had run out so they sent him the serviettes. I recently finished a jar of Bonne Maman and am on my second one. I love their jars.

  2. I got an apron in the same way...

  3. Is this available in frozen North? Must check.

  4. I treated myself to this book earlier this year and it's absolutely gorgeous......I didn't know Bon Maman did offers - must check it out at the supermarket today - and the jars are simply the best for home-made jams.

  5. What lovely jars and gifts too? Nice.


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