Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Plates, Platters, Pitchers

DSCF2602At the Village Fun Day back in September, the Boy Scouts were fundraising with a china smashing stall. They had a huge tin bath full of donated china and for 50p you could have three wooden balls to throw at a rack of crockery.

“Excuse me” I said, pointing at some bowls in the bath “If I pay a quid, can I buy those three bowls?” They were a little surprised that anyone would want to do that, but insisted I had the three bowls and the three matching plates. Then one of the Scout Leaders started checking by photographing them with his phone, and discovered some of the other plates were selling for £10 or £20 on eBay. They separated the valuable stuff from the smashing stuff, and then they even managed to sell the tin bath!

DSCF2604AS we were helping Adrian and Marion move house recently, Marion said “If you want any of that china, help yourself, it’s all going to the charity shop otherwise. And I got a lovely matching oval platter and pitcher. The sort of platter Jamie kept on about last year in his “30 minute meals” series. Here’s our evening meal served on the platter.DSCF2601

It was just some leftover sausage and frozen veg from the freezer, and Jamie’s mini Yorkshires – but it did look swish! “Take a photo” said Bob. It was only afterwards that I realised I’d forgotten to use the matching white plates. We didn’t eat it all – there was enough left to plate up a dinner to freeze for Bob next week. Last week’s flowers are still looking good [they are in the matching white bowls]


  1. hi - we often have 'roast dinner' with sausages or a tin of corned beef but add roast potatoes and veg to make it 'grander' - often a pack of basic chipolatas with basics streaky bacon wrapped round it and afew left over boiled spuds and into the mini oven with some microwaved mixed frozen veg and instant gravy - fit for a king!

  2. Toad in the hole is on the menu this week. Pork sausages from the local butcher for J and I , Linda McCartney's finest for KL,roasted allotment potatoes, and allotment veg, Approved Foods stuffing, and allotment onion gravy. I can't believe people were going to smash those lovely pots! Talk about a throwaway society!

  3. Oh how can you get a meal on the table and make it look good as well? Oh I have to stop blogging! The stress!! Look for me under a rock if you're ever in town!

  4. Oh, those sausages look yummy! And the platter is quite lovely. How funny those plates were going to be smashed. I see the fun in it, and at the same time it seems awfully wasteful. Glad you were able to save a few plates from their doom!



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