Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Christmas Crafting

Just a few teaser pictures, in case any of the recipients are reading this post! I’ve been doing bits here and there since the weekend.




I will just say that this was my large glass jar full of dried lavender heads [harvested in the summer from Cornerstones]

Just after I took this photo, I opened the lid, the jar overbalanced, and fell off the table and smashed. I then spent ages clearing lavender and glass from the lounge carpet!


One more major batch of ‘foodie’ gifts to prepare, and then I am done, I think! That will leave me free in Advent for all the Carol Services, Get In The Picture, Church Panto and more…

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  1. So sorry about your broken lavender! But I am impressed by how much Christmas goodness you've already got ready to go.

    Traveling mercies for your trip to Belfast!



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