Wednesday, 16 November 2011

To Travel Hopefully…

…is a better thing than to arrive, said Robert Louis Stevenson. Personally I am not convinced! I travelled hopefully early this morning - thank you Mags for getting up at 5am to take me to the airport. I sat in my window seat  with the adjacent seat vacant- so nobody to cling to if I panicked. Watching the sunrise over the clouds was amazing. My photo isn’t brilliant, but here it is…


Bob collected me from the airport and we came home. As we left the M1, at Jn 22, he realised he should have stayed on to Jn 21, to buy fuel at Sainsbury's. So after lunch, when he had a longer trip, and I was just going to Tesco [to use all the vouchers they’ve sent me] he suggested we swapped cars, and I could fill his car up. I protested – “what if it runs out of diesel? You are putting me at risk here, darling! “ and he said there was at least 25 miles worth of fuel in the tank [he usually says “You could get to London and back” but he’d done that on Monday, which was why it was empty]

It is 4.5 miles from my front door to the supermarket. The petrol gauge showed I had 5 miles worth of petrol as a I left home. Before I pulled on to the forecourt, the gauge looked like this – 0 miles!


But you got there OK, didn’t you? he said. His tank holds more than 50litres of fuel [don’t even think about the cost of it] It is a good job that my accumulated Clubcard vouchers and discount coupons etc. meant I handed over just £1.93 for about £16 worth of food.

It is Sewing Club this evening, so I will post my Belfast pictures tomorrow.


  1. Love that dawn- I didn't see dawn! There was dark at 6.00am and then frightening light at 7.45am when I awoke with a start and a school run panic! Bet it's nice to be back in your own bed!

  2. Can't wait to see the Belfast pictures--I've enjoyed the ones I've seen on Mags' blog. So jealous of you two!

    Ah, the old have the spouse fill up the (very costly) tank routine. I know it well. We usually drive my car on trips. When we get home the tank is always low, and guess who has to fill it up when she wants to go somewhere the next day? Quite a scandal!


  3. Since we have had to purchase a new(er) car last month thanks to somebody demolishing our lovely old one, I've been scared silly on the two times we have filled the tank up. The first fill up on the way home from the garage where we bought the car, cost over £89, which took my breath away. The second fill up was a little bit less but still scary. Our old car obviously had a much smaller tank. And yes, I get to pay for filling the car too : )


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